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Pellet Grill Maintenance: How to Clean a Traeger Leaking Grease

If you’ve noticed your Traeger leaking grease, it’s a sign that you’ve fallen behind on basic cleaning and maintenance. A pellet grill that hasn’t been cleaned accumulates grease, ash, and tar.

A dirty grill means dirty food and inefficient cooking. As more residue builds, the more it will fall onto your food. Not only this, but the buildup will lead to inconsistent temperatures and dangerous grease fires.

Cleaning Tips for a Traeger Leaking Grease

Pellet grill cleaning is important to add to your list of regular chore around the house. We won’t leave you wondering how to clean a Traeger grill. Follow these cleaning tips to get it in tip-top shape:

Clean Grease Drip & Bucket

Why you need to clean it

Over time, grease builds up in the grease drip tube and bucket. If the drip tube becomes clogged, you may experience your Traeger overheating, eventually leading to a grease fire.

Cleaning steps

Have your Traeger grill off for at least 24 hours to ensure it’s cool. Remove the grease bucket, and scrape grease from it using a non-abrasive tool, like a wooden paint stirring stick. Do NOT use metal tools.

Next, use the same tool to scrape the grease from the drain located at the bottom of the drip tray. Remove extra grease residue with a rag or paper towel.

How often to clean

Cleaning the grease drip and bucket every 3 to 6 months will help avoid any problems with your Traeger leaking grease.

how to clean a traeger grill
Image from Goedeker’s

Clean Grill Interior

Why you need to clean it

Regular pellet grill cleaning is important if you don’t want soot, ash, and tar flaking onto your food. That buildup isn’t seasoning, they are harmful byproducts from grilling and smoking. Yuck!

Cleaning steps

While the grill is still hot, scrub the grill grate with a non-metallic brush. Metal cleaning brushes are too abrasive for the porcelain grate.

Wait for the grill to cool. Remove the heat baffle, grill grate, and drain pan to access the firepot. Use a vacuum, preferably a shop vac, to suck up any ash that accumulated in the firepot and the interior of the grill. Replace all parts once clean.

How often to clean

Scrubbing the porcelain grill grate should be done after every use, while the grill is still hot.

Cleaning the firepot needs to be done every 3-5 cooks or after a long grill.

Smoke Stack Maintenance

Why you need to clean it

Build up in the smoke stack can cause your Traeger problems. Grease buildup can lead to many problems, but you’ll most likely notice your Taeger leaking grease from the smoke stack.

Cleaning steps

Again, ensure your grill is cold. After removing the chimney cap, clean it with warm, soapy water or your favorite degreaser. Next, use a wooden tool to scrape residue from the inside of the stack. Wipe any excess residue from the stack and replace the chimney cap.

Note: NEVER spray cleaners or water directly inside the grill. 

How often to clean

Cleaning the smoke stack every 6 months is appropriate for good pellet grill maintenance.

How to Keep a Traeger Clean

Following these maintenance procedures is how you prevent a Traeger leaking grease in the long term. It’s a huge time saver in the long run, as you won’t have to deep clean it as often. This is cumbersome, messy, and time-consuming.

For the finishing touches, clean the outside of your grill. Once you’ve unplugged your Traeger and ensured it’s cool, wipe the exterior with soapy water and a disposable rag. For the extra sparkle that every high-end grill deserves, apply car wax.

Keep your grill covered. Protecting it from harsh weather is key to the quality and longevity of your pellet grill.

Pellet grill maintenance is just as important as knowing how it works, but if you ever find yourself in need of Traeger repair services, contact Cody’s Appliance repair today.

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