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Wash heavy bedding

How to wash heavy bedding?

Many people put off washing their heavy bedding because it seems like such a hassle. But the truth is that washing your heavy bedding and comforter is as easy as washing a regular load of laundry (maybe even easier since there is less to fold!). Follow these 6 simple steps to learn how to wash heavy bedding.

How to Wash Heavy Bedding

#1. Use the Correct Size Washer

It’s important to wash your bedding in the correct size washer. If you use a washer that is too small, the bedding won’t get cleaned properly and may break your washing machine.

If you own a King or California King size bed, you will need a large capacity washer; otherwise, a trip to the laundromat will be necessary. When purchasing a washing machine, it’s a good idea to consider the size of your bed to avoid having to make trips to the laundromat.

To wash a king-sized comforter, you’ll need a washer capacity of 3.8 cu ft or greater. 

This Washer is Too Small for This Comforter!

How to wash heavy bedding

#2. Read the Bedding Tags Carefully

Be sure to read the washing instructions on the tag. Large comfortables often require “Dry Clean Only” or handwash. If the bedding can be washed in a standard washing machine, proceed with the instructions below. Otherwise, follow the special care advice.

Note: The garment tag will provide instructions for washing temperature. Following instructions will help maintain the quality and the life of your bedding.

#3. Choose the Right Detergent

When washing your comforter, always choose a gentle detergent that is safe for your type of comforter. Always avoid detergents containing bleach, as they can damage the comforter’s outer fabric and filling. Top performing washing machine detergents include Woolite, OxiClean, Tide, and Cheer.

How to wash heavy bedding

#4. Select the Correct Washer Cycle

Most modern washing machines have a “bulky bedding” cycle. If your machine has a bedding cycle, then this is the best choice. If your machine does not have a bedding setting, choose a heavy load setting. A heavy setting will ensure the machine fills with enough water to fully clean the bedding

#5. Choose the Best Dry Cycle and Dry Time.

When drying your comforter or bulky bedding, use a large-capacity dryer on the lowest heat settings. It is best to dry the bedding slowly to avoid burning the fabric. Two drying cycles might be required for best results.

Bulky bedding often gets “wet pockets,” so it is advised to fluff the bedding mid-way through the cycle to avoid wet spots and wrinkles. Add tennis balls or dryer balls to the cycle to help fluff the bedding.

#6. Remove Wrinkles

If your bedding is wrinkled when you remove it from the dryer, use an iron on the steam setting to smooth out wrinkles. Be sure to read the tag to ensure ironing is appropriate for your bedding; some comforters or sheets are not iron friendly.

If you’ve been putting off washing your heavy bedding, now is a great time to get started. Enjoy a fresh, clean bed tonight!

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