Why is My Dishwasher Leaking Through Front Door?

You’re all done with cleaning up the kitchen after a big messy dinner, and now you’re ready to kick back and relax on the couch. Then, yikes! You notice your dishwasher leaking through the front door! What on earth could be the problem? You can’t call an appliance repairman at this time of night! Don’t panic. It …Read More »

Cody’s Appliance Repair Named Winner of October 2017 Bosch Service Partner Contest

Cody’s Appliance Repair is excited to announce that we have been named the winner of the October 2017 Bosch Service Partner Contest (for the Northwest region)! This honor is awarded each month to only one certified Bosch appliance service company in each region of the U.S. and Canada. Bosch collects data from repairs performed on Bosch …Read More »

How to Clean Your Oven With Vinegar Steam

Cleaning an oven is certainly no one's idea of "fun". It's traditionally a grimy and smelly experience, usually requiring a lot of elbow grease. Naturally, this task often gets put off, which compounds the problem. But it doesn't have to be this way! When you clean your oven with vinegar steam, much of the hard ...Read More »

Do I Get Quality Service With a Home Warranty?

When you're faced with the decision to purchase coverage for your home appliances, you may question whether or not it's worth the cost. I mean, how often do home appliances break anyway!? The answer to that question varies greatly depending on the amount of stress you put on your appliances. And, to be honest, it also ...Read More »

DIY Halloween Treats

Ready to get creative with your Halloween treats this year? We’ve got you covered, with the help of cooking expert and YouTube star Rosanna Pansino! She’s formulated some festive and yummy treats for you to share with your Halloween party guests or trick-or-treaters. When they chant, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good ...Read More »

Where to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks in Boise 2017

Watching fireworks on the Fourth of July is a staple of American culture! In fact, the first 4th of July fireworks show happened in 1777, one year after the Declaration of Independence was signed. If you want to continue this time-honored tradition, there's only one thing to do: go watch some fireworks! Whether you're in ...Read More »

How to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel

Have a stainless steel sink (or appliance) that looks like this?   If so, don’t worry! There is a way to remove those scratches and get it back to its former glory. Here’s our process for removing scratches from stainless steel… Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel Step 1: To start, we recommend this Scratch-B-Gone Stainless …Read More »

5 Most Common Icemaker Failures

If your icemaker giving you trouble, you're certainly not alone. Icemakers are complex machines made up of many parts, so there's a number of possibilities as to why yours is malfunctioning. However, knowing the most common icemaker failures and their likely causes can help you diagnose and perhaps fix the issue. Without further ado, here ...Read More »

How To Clean A Glass Cooktop

A glass cooktop certainly gives your kitchen a sleek and modern look, but keeping it clean can be a real struggle. Spilled sauce or sugar can become a stubborn mess if not cleaned right way, and all-purpose cleaners just don’t do the job to effectively remove stuck on food. If you’re tired of a dirty …Read More »

What is the Purpose of Daylight Saving Time?

We switch our clocks forward and back every year for Daylight Saving Time, but perhaps you’ve wondered why we do this? The origins of daylight savings time goes back to over 100 years ago, first adopted by Germany in 1916 in order to conserve electricity during wartime. The U.S. didn’t adopt daylight savings until 1918 …Read More »

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