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Model Number Locator

The model and serial number of your residential appliance will be on the Model Number Tag (pictured below).

Do not use a model/serial combination from any other source. Providing the incorrect model number may result in delayed service or delivery of the wrong appliance parts.

When providing the manufacturer’s model number, it is important to record the exact number from the Model Number Tag. Here is an example of what your appliance model number tag may look like:

find appliance model number

What appliance do you need help with?


• Under left front
surface unit

• On center or right
side under lift-up

• On frame behind
oven door

• On front of frame
behind drawer

• On left leg behind


• Under rear knob
• Under right front knob

• On right side
• On back corner
under lift-up

• On bottom

• Under right front
of left rear surface

Wall Ovens

• On center of vent
trim near door

• Inside door on
front face


• On back

• On left inside wall

• On right inside

Vent Hoods

• On inside
• May require
filter removal

Trash Compactors

• On left wall
near front
• Must remove bucket

• On right side wall
near front
• Must pull out
storage bag

Top Freezer Refrigerators

• On top left
side wall

• On ceiling
in front

• Near temperature

• On bottom front

• Behind crisper drawer
• On side of crisper drawer

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

• On top left
inside wall

• On top right
inside wall

• On left front
inside freezer wall

• On right front
inside freezer wall

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

• On ceiling
in front

• On top left
inside wall
• On top right
inside wall

• On bottom of
door opening

• Behind crisper drawer

Chest Freezers

• On inner lid

• On top rear wall
of storage bin

• On back

Upright Freezers

• On top left
inside wall

• On back

• On bottom right
corner face


• On left front
inside edge

• On right front
inside edge

• On right side
of door

Front Load Washers

• On face of
door opening
• Must open

Top Load Washers

• On back of
control panel

• Under lid

• Near water inlets

• On left side
near bottom


• On front face
• Must open door

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