Our pricing for repair is no secret!  What you are going to pay for your repair is important and we never want you to wonder. Below are the facts about how we’ve determined our appliance repair cost and pricing for repair:

We waive the service call charge if we do the repair when we’re at your home!

Appliance Repair Cost

Labor Charges

We Use Flat Rate Pricing. Our appliance repair costs are determined by a nationally recognized computerized pricing guide. We won’t just pull some number out of our heads depending on the client or the day. Just ask what our pricing is. We are happy to disclose any information you may need about your appliance — and our pricing. Our goal is for you to be well-informed before we come to your home!

What you will be quoted at the time we are at the home is for the completed repair, parts, if you need them, and the labor needed to do the repair.  And, of course, that part replacement repair will come with our 1-year parts and labor warranty!

*Our parts warranty is limited to replacement parts that are still available for purchase. We cannot be responsible if your parts are no longer being produced.

Service Call Charges

Domestic appliances are generally quoted out at $99 ($109 on weekends & out of service area calls). Our appliance repair cost for service calls, which includes the trip charge to the home and the diagnosis of the problem with the appliance, is on a two-tiered level. This charge is applied towards repairs if we do the repair at the time we are at the home. This is our pricing for standard trip charge and diagnosis.

Or pricing on fireplaces, gourmet models, microwaves, front-load washers and agitator-less models is $109 for the trip charge and diagnosis. The reason for our pricing? These models require considerable expertise and can be more labor intensive for evaluation and repair. Again, we waive the service call charge if we do the repair at that time so a win for our customers!

Our only exception to our pricing is for stacked washer/dryer models. The cost could be upwards of $125. The reason for this pricing is that you essentially have two appliances connected. If we are called out for a dryer repair, we are going to also service the washer as part of the diagnosis, because you don’t want that dryer fixed, then have your washer go down shortly after. We want to establish for you that the dryer should be repaired, and the washer is in good shape too, because they are expensive to replace!  Also, on very rare occasions, labor is involved in just getting to a diagnosis, which might incur labor. If that is going to be the case, we always try to let you know beforehand. We strive to be as up-front as possible in all situations.


  • Expert service
  • Factory trained service technicians
  • Technicians are background, drug, and alcohol certified
  • 90-day Service Charge Warranty
  • 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Authorized warranty service for many major brands
  • Flat-rate pricing for our repairs, with the Original Blue Book
  • Real-time part pricing and availability with our computers in the home
  • Licensed and properly insured
  • In business for over 25 year
  • A family owned-and-operated business
  • The knowledge that we absolutely care about the happiness of our customers

After 25 years in this business, please know that we are here because we CARE about our clients!  We will do all we can to ensure that your appliances are repaired quickly, efficiently, and expertly.  We guarantee that we will do all we can to satisfy our customers.