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wolf gourmet countertop appliances

Wolf Gourmet Countertop Appliances You’ll Love

Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances

As any seasoned chef can attest, a high-quality kitchen appliance can make a huge difference in the overall style of your kitchen and the quality of the food you prepare. But even the most advanced home appliances can’t do it all.

If you’re looking to upgrade all the important appliances in your kitchen, don’t forget about your countertop appliances. Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances fill in the gaps by offering precision toasting, blending, cutting, and baking from a small countertop space.

Wolf Gourmet Countertop Appliance for the Avid Cook

Wolf countertop appliances allow you to enjoy the cooking precision of a Wolf oven in all of your countertop appliances!

Wolf Countertop Oven

Wolf countertop appliances

Want to add a little bit more oven space without installing a full size oven? Consider the Wolf Countertop Oven. This isn’t your typical “toaster oven.” The Wolf countertop oven is fully equipped with all the features you’d expect from a Wolf oven including 6 cooking modes, an integrated temperature probe, and advanced convection functions.

What can you cook in a Wolf Countertop Oven? Just about anything! This oven fits most 9″ x 13″ baking dishes, which allows you to prepare a variety of meals including roasted meats, baked goods, casseroles, and more.

Suggested Retail: $699
Find more product information here.

Wolf High Performance Blenders

Wolf countertop blender

The Wolf blender is an essential multi-tasking kitchen must-have for any avid home cook. Sure, your $40 blender does the trick, but if you want to blend Jamba Juice quality drinks at home, then a high-performance blender will be well worth the investment.

This is no ordinary blender. With four program settings, you’ll be able to make soup, chop vegetables, puree sauces, whip cream, churn butter, grind grains and create nut butter. Get consistent results every time.

Suggested Retail: $799
Find more product information here.

Wolf Four Slice Toaster

Wolf toaster countertop

Tired of your subpar toaster? Wish you could toast thick slices of bread in the same toaster that handles everyday tasks with ease? If you’re willing to pay a bit extra for quality performance, then the Wolf toaster is a must.

With features like the No Cold Toast feature, your bread will stay gently warm at the perfect butter-melting temperature for up to 3 minutes after it pops. That feature alone makes it worth the price!

Othe features include a “frozen” setting, bagel setting, and self-centering guides for a perfectly even browning every time.

Suggested Retail: $499
Find more product information here.

Wolf Kitchen Tools

Even the best cook needs great kitchen tools to get the job done right. Wolf Gourmet’s pots and pans cook evenly and their knives cut with accuracy and precision. Wolf kitchen knives are made with forged high-carbon stainless steel and come backed with a lifetime warranty. Learn more about Wolf kitchen tools here.

Adding any Wolf Gourmet countertop appliance to your kitchen will make your job more enjoyable and your food taste even better!

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