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how to remove scratches from stainless steel

How to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel

Have a stainless steel sink (or appliance) that looks like this?

removing scratches from stainless steel


If so, don’t worry! There is a way to remove those scratches and get it back to its former glory. Here’s our process for removing scratches from stainless steel…

Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel

Step 1: To start, we recommend this Scratch-B-Gone Stainless Steel Scratch Repair Kit. It has the tools you to need to do the job right. The kit contains:

  • Bottle of proprietary solution
  • Grip tool
  • Specialized pads
  • Microfiber towel

Step 2: Before putting any of the tools to use, we identified the grain of the stainless steel surface. This is important. Just as if you were sanding wood, you want to work in the direction of the grain, rather than against it. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the desired results.

If you’re working on a range or cooktop, tape off the intersecting sections of which you’ll be working. This will prevent you from accidentally affecting the appearance of those sections.

Step 3: Next, we identified the smaller, prominent scratches of the sink. We then took the 1 in. X 6 in. pad and used it to scrub the scratches in the direction of the grain.

The pad is designed to fold over your index finger, so you won’t need the grip tool just yet. Start by using a gentle amount of pressure. If that isn’t helping, add more pressure until you notice that it’s helping remove the scratch. You don’t want to get too overly aggressive with it, as this can cause damage to the surface.

Step 4: Then, we started the process of blending the steel. We took the bigger pad from the kit, attached it to the grip tool, and added the solution to the pad. With a scrubbing motion, we used this tool to blend the scratches and scuffs (in the direction of the grain) into the surrounding steel.

This step is a gradual process that takes some time and patience. Removing scratches from stainless steel is an art form of sorts. Slowly make your way around the surface to blend in the scuffs/scratches, re-applying the solution when necessary.

Step 5: The final step was to take the microfiber towel and rub off any residual chemical from the surface. This also helped give it a shiny and smooth appearance.

The Result:

removing scratches from stainless steel


Voilà! Not bad, huh?

Not up to doing it yourself?

If this stainless steel scratch removal process seems daunting to you (or you just don’t have the time), it’s best to contact your local professional. This is an exacting process that can take some time to get just right.

Live in the greater Boise, ID area? Consider Cody’s Appliance Repair for your stainless steel scratch removal needs!


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