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pellet grill recipes

4 Delicious Pellet Grill Side Dishes for Your Next Cookout

A pellet grill is the best tool for summer cookouts, providing food with a rich, smoky flavor. But these grills aren’t just for meat and fish. Our pellet grill repair service experts collected recipes for pellet grill side dishes that are easy to prepare. From chorizo cheese dip to corn on the cob, there’s a side dish to compliment almost any main course.

Pellet Grill Side Dishes That Steal the Show

With some simple grill maintenance tips, cooking on a pellet grill offers an easy alternative to gas and charcoal grilling. Our effortless pellet grill side dishes are done in under 30 minutes and take advantage of the grill’s fast and versatile cooking capabilities.

Baked Chorizo Cheese Dip

A good dip gets any party started, and this is one of those warm, cheesy, pellet grill appetizers that are always a crowd-pleaser. Spicy chorizo is browned in beer and mixed with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. After adding tomatoes and spices, combine in a Dutch Oven and place on the grill over applewood pellets. In just 20 minutes you’ll have a smoky, melted dip to devour with tortilla chips.

pellet grill side dishes
Get the full recipe here. Source: Traeger Kitchen


Classic Smoked Potato Salad

Who knew that smoked side dishes could include potato salad? Smoking Russet potatoes before roasting them imbues them with rich flavor while the grill accomplishes roasting in as little as 20 minutes. Combine potatoes with a classic dressing of mayo, mustard, chives, and hard-boiled eggs, and this cookout staple just got kicked up a notch.

pellet grill recipes
Get the full recipe here. Source: Traeger Kitchen


Roasted Green Beans With Bacon

Pellet grill recipes with fresh summer vegetables don’t get any easier. After preheating the grill on high, scatter green beans and bacon evenly on a sheet pan and toss with garlic and olive oil. Place on the grill and roast for 20 minutes. When the beans are lightly browned and the smell of crispy bacon is calling, this delicious side dish is ready to enjoy.

pellet grill appetizers
Get the full recipe here. Source: Traeger Kitchen


Grilled Whole Corn

Sweet, local corn is a favorite summer treat and this is one of the classic pellet grill side dishes that capitalizes on its freshness. Roasting the corn in its husk adds flavor while still allowing the kernels to brown and crisp. Meanwhile, butter mixed with charred grilled onions, chili powder, and sesame seeds offers a spicy, smoky topping to complement the corn’s sweetness.

pellet grill side dishes
Get the full recipe here. Image: Traeger Kitchen


Pellet grill side dishes are a delicious way to utilize your grill all summer long. Check out even more pellet grill recipes for your summer cookout from the experts at Cody’s Appliance Repair!

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