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noisy whirlpool dryer

6 Common Causes of a Noisy Whirlpool Dryer

A dryer that rattles, thumps or pounds as it spins is certainly loud enough to warrant concern. However, most loud dryer noises can be fixed with a simple adjustment or DIY repair. Why is my Whirlpool dryer running loud? Rattling sounds can occur when loose coins, open zippers or belt buckles tumble in the dryer drum. Learn the most common causes of a noisy Whirlpool dryer and how to restore the peace and quiet.

Noisy Whirlpool Dryer? Use This Troubleshooting Guide.

While your noisy Whirlpool dryer may seem unusual, many sounds have common causes with a simple fix. The following guide lists the most frequently occurring sounds and how to stop them.

Dryer is Clicking

While a gas vs electric dryer has several advantages, it can be subject to repeated clicking sounds. Fortunately, this sound is part of normal operation, indicating that the gas valve has clicked on. While they should be brief, these clicks may repeat themselves throughout the drying cycle and don’t signify a problem.

whirlpool dryer rattling noise

Scraping Noise from Dryer

If your Whirlpool dryer makes noise while tumbling that sounds like scraping, an object is likely caught in the drum seam. Coins, paper clips, and other small, loose items can get caught in this seam along the front or rear of the drum as it tumbles.

Pause the drying cycle and look for trapped items along the seam, removing anything that’s caught. To avoid a recurrence, always check clothing pockets and remove any loose items before loading the washer or dryer.

Knocking or Rattling Sound

A Whirlpool dryer rattling noise or knocking sound can have several possible causes. Loose items or open zippers in the dryer drum can make rattling sounds as it tumbles. Meanwhile, objects in close proximity to the dryer, including the washer, can make a knocking or rattling noise as the dryer operates.

Here’s how to silence knocking or rattling sounds:

  • Empty pockets and secure fasteners: Empty pockets of any loose items, remove belts, and secure zippers and buttons before loading the dryer.
  • Move objects away from the dryer: If items are stored next to or on top of the dryer, move them away during operation. If your dryer is on a pedestal, remove any items from the pedestal drawer during drying cycles.
  • Leave space between the washer and dryer: Make sure there’s at least an inch of space between the washer and the dryer to reduce vibrations and rattling.

Dryer Makes Thumping Noise

Is your noisy Whirlpool dryer making thumping sounds? Large items can make thumping sounds if they clump together while drying. Similarly, drying sneakers will also result in a loud thumping noise. When drying large items, place them loosely in the dryer or pause the cycle to unclump any bunches of fabric. To reduce dryer noise and reduce the risk of harm, it’s best to air dry sneakers.

whirlpool dryer makes noise while tumbling

Lastly, the dryer may make a thumping noise when first turned on after a long period of disuse. When the dryer isn’t being used, the drum rollers often flatten, causing the drum to thump when it starts turning. As the dryer continues to run, the rollers should resume their proper shape and the noise should stop.

Pounding Noise While Running

When your Whirlpool dryer makes noise that sounds like a loud pounding it’s often because the dryer isn’t level. Check the dryer leveling legs to make sure all four rest evenly on the floor. While the legs can be adjusted up or down to make sure they sit evenly, a missing or broken leg must be replaced.

Dryer Makes Squealing Sounds

While some dryer noises have a DIY fix, squealing sounds often indicate a part malfunction.

The following parts can make a squealing sound when they fail, requiring a professional clothes dryer repair:

  • Drive belt: This thin, rubber belt wraps around the dryer drum via two pulleys, enabling it to spin via the motor’s power. Over time, the belt can fray or tear, making a squealing sound when the drum spins.
  • Idler pulley: The idler pulley places tension on the drive belt to keep it taught while the drum spins. After numerous cycles of spinning at a high speed, the pulley may wear out, resulting in a squealing sound during tumbling.
  • Drum glides: These plastic pieces support the front of the dryer drum. When the plastic wears out, the drum will rotate directly on its metal frame, causing a squealing sound.

Whether it’s deciphering a noisy Whirlpool dryer or determining when to clean dryer vents, our experts have the answer. Call Cody’s Appliance Repair for all your laundry appliance needs!

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