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how to organize your laundry room

Laundry Hacks: How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Like it or not, laundry is a part of life, and we often labor over it in spaces that hinder instead of help. What are some laundry room organization ideas that can streamline this universal chore? Store dirty clothes in separate bins for whites and colors so they don’t have to be sorted before washing. Learn how to organize your laundry room with simple hacks that not only save time, but make it more enjoyable.

How to Organize Your Laundry Room and Make Life Easier

Whether you have a spacious laundry suite or a cozy corner, the organization is key to effectively utilizing your space. These tips detail how to organize your laundry room to save time, simplify steps and add decorative flair without spending big bucks.

Add Adjustable Shelves

Wire shelves are easy laundry room storage ideas, as they can adjust to accommodate items of any size. Arrange one shelf within arm’s reach for laundry detergent and fabric softener or raise the bottom shelf to accommodate hampers or bins. You’ll also get more than your money’s worth with this waterproof material, as wire won’t warp or discolor from moisture and heat.

Separate Laundry With Bins or Hampers

Are laundry room tips that save time your utmost priority? Use bins, hampers or baskets to separate whites, colors, delicates, or kid’s clothes. Come wash day, you’ll prevent laundry fading and each load is already sorted and ready to toss in the washer. Don’t forget to label each bin so it’s clear what goes where and keep them within reach of even the littlest family members.

Create a Folding Station

Those with front load washers and dryers have a wealth of real estate on top of their machines. Use a variety of laundry design ideas to transform the space into a folding station for clean clothes. From custom wood enclosures to a simple countertop, this otherwise unused area enables you to fold clothes directly out of the dryer. The folding station can also double as storage for laundry baskets, making for easy transport from the laundry room to drawers.

laundry room storage ideas

Store Small Items in Labeled Bins or Baskets

Clothespins, fabric brushes, and dryer sheets may be essential laundry supplies but their small size leaves them easily lost or misplaced. Safely contain these small items in matching bins, baskets, or jars that give your space a uniform appearance. Wondering how to organize your laundry room further? Add matching labels to each bin to complete the look and eliminate time-wasting searches. 

Use the Space Between Your Machines

Laundry room hacks for small spaces capitalize on unused areas and the space between your washer and dryer is a perfect example. Use the gap to install shelves or a slim pull-out cart that stores detergent, bleach or small bins. The cart is pushed out of sight between the machines when not in use while both add storage without taking up valuable space.

Install a Hanging Rod

Whether it’s secured with screws or a simple tension rod, these installations utilize unused space for a variety of tasks. Hang items to air dry, de-wrinkle or simply store until they’re put away. For those with limited square footage, a wall-mounted towel bar or collapsible drying rack can serve the same purpose in less space.

laundry room hacks

Utilize the Door

Wondering how to organize your laundry room when space is at a premium? Purchase a hanging rack for the door! These inexpensive racks hang over the back, holding all the supplies you need for our washer cleaning tips and more. From tub cleaner and bleach to stain remover and spray bottles, the back of the door can hold it all while remaining unseen.

From organization tips to a professional washer and dryer repair, our technicians have the answer. Call Cody’s Appliance Repair for all your laundry appliance needs!

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