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cove dishwasher loading tips

How to Load a Cove Dishwasher for Cleaner Dishes

If you’re looking for ways to improve dishwasher cleaning performance, changing your loading practices can make a big difference. What are some Cove dishwasher loading tips that result in cleaner dishes? Raise or lower the middle rack to accommodate taller items below and remove the bottom rack’s silverware basket when space is needed. Learn how to load a Cove dishwasher for optimal cleaning performance with tips and tricks for each rack.

Here’s How to Load a Cove Dishwasher the Right Way

Regular dishwasher maintenance and knowing how to load a Cove dishwasher properly can improve performance and prevent damage and malfunctions. But before we detail how to properly load each rack, here’s what to do before loading to result in cleaner dishes.

Dishwasher Loading Mistakes to Avoid

What you do before loading the dishwasher can also affect the cleanliness of your dishes. 

Avoid these common pre-loading mistakes:

  • Pre-rinsing: Skip the pre-rinse, as most detergents work better with some residue.
  • Leaving large particles: While small crumbs and particles can remain, remove larger pieces like bones, poultry skin, or peels to prevent clogs.
  • Too much or too little detergent: The wrong amount of detergent can leave dishes unclean or streaked with soap. Refer to your Cove dishwasher manual for the recommended amount of detergent.
  • Overloading: Loading too many items reduces air and water flow between them, resulting in a Cove dishwasher not cleaning sufficiently. Place one item per slot to leave adequate space between each.

how to load a cove dishwasher

Silverware Basket Loading Tips

The silverware basket is designed to hold eating utensils such as forks, spoons, and knives. Though it’s positioned in front of the bottom rack, it can be removed or relocated to the middle rack when space is needed.

These tips detail the correct way to load silverware in a dishwasher:

  • Alternate forks and spoons next to each other to prevent nesting.
  • Load knives upside down, with handles facing upward, to avoid injury.
  • Position forks and spoons facing upward, with handles down, for better cleaning.

What Goes in the Dishwasher Third Rack

Cove dishwashers are equipped with a third rack for additional cutlery, preventing overcrowding in the silverware basket below. It can also hold larger serving utensils.

Wondering how to load dishwasher cutlery tray? Place forks, spoons, and knives individually in each slot, while serveware can be laid directly on top. The third rack can also be removed to accommodate taller items below.

cove dishwasher not cleaning
Photo Credit: Cove Dishwashers

How to Load the Top Dish Rack

Knowing how to load a Cove dishwasher also includes proper use of the top dish rack. This rack was designed to hold small plates, cups, bowls and glassware. Always position bowls, glasses and mugs upside down and at an angle for better access to spray arms and improved drying.

Here’s how to use the features on a Cove dishwasher top rack:

  • Fold-down tines to better fit larger items.
  • Adjust the rack to accommodate larger items below. One side or the entire rack can be raised or lowered. The rack can also be completely removed.
  • Secure wine glasses with the plastic holders or fold them out of the way for increased space when not in use.

How to Load the Bottom Dish Rack

The bottom rack is meant for larger pieces, such as dinner and serving plates and pots and pans. 

These tips detail how to load the bottom dish rack:

  • Load one dish per slot to allow for adequate air and water flow between each item.
  • Position items facing inward for better access to spray arms.
  • Fold down tines to better accommodate larger items and keep them from blocking spray arms. 

While knowing how to load a Cove dishwasher can prevent malfunctions, they may still happen from time to time. Cody’s Appliance Repair is here to help with any dishwasher service and repair!

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