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Common Mold Hiding Places

How to Find Mold in Your Home

Be prepared to be shocked! We’re about to reveal the hidden places throughout your house where mold is thriving. Even if you’re a neat freak, you likely have mold growing in these secret spots.

Watch Out for These Common Mold Hiding Places

We’ve listed some of the sneakiest places that mold hides. Here’s how to find mold in your home so you can get rid of it for good…

Refrigerator Drain Pan

Most refrigerators have a drain pan hidden underneath the appliance (usually accessed by removing the kick plate). The drain pan catches all of the condensation from your freezer’s defrost drain, which means that there may be a small pool of water under your refrigerator at any given time. If water sits long enough, mold can grow in the pan.

how to find mold in your home

To check for mold, slide the pan out from underneath the refrigerator. Dump the water and mold into a trash bag, and then clean the drain pan thoroughly with soap and water. From here on out, make sure you’re cleaning the pan about once a month.

*Unplug your refrigerator before cleaning the pan*

Underneath Your Sink

If the cabinet underneath your sink is packed with cleaning supplies, it’s likely that you won’t notice when the floor gets damp—Remember: moisture is the key ingredient for mold growth!

At least once per month remove everything from the cabinet to check for moisture and mold. If moisture or mold is detected, be sure to repair any leaky pipes immediately.

If you do spot mold, use a wet cloth and disinfectant spray to clean the cabinet floor. Prevent future mold growth by keeping this area dry.

Washing Machine Boot

You might think that it is redundant to clean your washing machine, but you would be very surprised at how susceptible a front load washer is to dangerous mold. Fold back the washing machine boot (the rubber piece around the door on your front load) and inspect for mold. If you’ve never cleaned the door boot, you will likely find black mold behind the flap.

Black mold can be extremely harmful when airborne, so remove mold promptly. To prevent mold from growing, leave the washing machine door open and wipe down the rubber seal after each wash

Even More Moldy Areas!

Allergic reactions are the most common health effect from mold. Reactions can include watery and itchy eyes, a cough, a rash, runny nose, and wheezing. Take the time during your spring cleaning to hunt down the mold and get rid of it for good.

Watch this shocking video about how to find mold in your house. Jeff Rossen reveals more locations in your home where mold hides.

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