Broken Appliances Repair or Replace

Moving further into the 21st century, we are made more and more aware of how important it is for each of us to contribute to the well-being of our planet. A simple place to start is in our own homes. Since we at Cody’s Appliance Repair are in the appliance business, we figured the best way to do our part would be to show you what you can do to make the use and care of your appliances as planet-friendly as possible.

If you currently have a broken, malfunctioning, or inefficient appliance, consider opting to repair your appliance instead of buying new. Here are some factors you need to consider before deciding to repair or replace appliances:

  1. Americans generate 250 million tons of garbage a year, and some reports show over 400 million tons.
  2. Since 1960, America has tripled the amount of waste we generate.
  3. EVERY DAY, the U.S. throws away enough trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks.

If you repair your appliance instead of tossing it, you will be helping to minimize the mind-blowing amount of waste piling up each year. Plus, chances are that the appliance repair cost will be a small fraction of the replacement cost. A win for you and the environment!

Just as a well-maintained car will last much longer than a neglected one, the same holds true for your appliances. If you do a few small things to keep appliances maintained and in top shape, they will assuredly outlast their poorly maintained counterparts and save energy, thereby putting a few more dollars back in your pocket each month.

Another way you can do your part for the environment is by optimizing your appliances for energy efficiency. Refrigerators are an easy target as they are generally the biggest energy hog in the house. Regularly cleaning your condenser coils and door gaskets, eliminating the bad habit of leaving the fridge door open for extended periods, and overworking the fridge by having too little food to sustain correct temperatures, are great ways to save money and extend the life of your refrigerator.

Ovens are another common high-energy culprit. Door hinges and gaskets should be checked to make sure the door seals properly. If the door extends past level or the door is not flush when closed, you are wasting energy and are probably experiencing temperature fluctuations, resulting in uneven cooking. Also, if you can break the habit of continually opening the door to see if the food is done, and if you make sure your oven is properly calibrated for correct temperatures, you can save a ton of energy and your recipes will turn out much better!

A little time and effort today can make a big difference to our environmental footprint tomorrow. Playing your part in conservation doesn’t have to be a nuisance, and it can save you money. A quick call to your local appliance repair company can put you on a yearly maintenance schedule for one less hassle in your busy life. If we all do our part with the little things, it will help our planet in a big way.