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At Cody’s Appliance Repair, our goal is to provide the highest quality appliance repair service possible. Our customer service commitment begins the moment we take your service request: Cody’s friendly, professional customer service representative will assist dispatch an appliance repair Star technician to your home as soon as possible (often within the same day); we won’t keep you waiting. Our technicians arrive at your home fully equipped to complete your repair. We stock our appliance repair vehicles with parts, so we can often complete the job in as little as one trip. Give us a call today, or schedule service online.

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With Cody Appliance Repair, you will receive quality, certified service every time―you can count on it.

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Opening your home to a stranger can be a stressful—that’s why our technicians are factory certified by most manufacturers and have passed extensive pre-employment drug, alcohol and background screening. The Cody’s Appliance Repair Star team uses the most cutting-edge technology to ensure that your appliance is repaired efficiently and quickly. Ask us about our Warranty Repair Service in Star.

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Repair is almost ALWAYS more cost effective than buying new. Add years to the life of the machine. By choosing to repair your appliances you are reducing the waste going into the Valley’s landfill and keeping some green in your wallet! Reduce your carbon footprint by extending the life of your appliances! For more ideas about how to reduce your footprint, see our blog about “Going Green and Your Appliances.”


Nestled in the valley just south of the Boise foothills, Star, Idaho is known for its impressive views and homestead atmosphere. Star is a rural community, reporting a small residential population of 5,793 during the 2010 U.S. Census.

A Little Extra From Cody: How Star, Idaho Got Its Name
The Star community was first established during the height of American pioneering. In 1863, Ben F. Swalley staked claim on a 300 acre piece of land just one mile south Appliance Repair Star IDof the city center. Ben Swalley is now venerated as one of the first settlers of the Star community. During the decade following Swalley’s settlement, the population slowly grew. In response, Swalley donated a piece of land to the community for the construction of the first schoolhouse in the 1870’s. Unable to decide on a city name, the settlers marked the schoolhouse’s entry door with a carved wooden star. The ‘star’ on the schoolhouse door became a valuable landmark for passing travelers—when they reached the “star” schoolhouse, they knew it was only one mile further to food and lodging. The name “Star” was used when the town was incorporated in 1905. Despite some minor setbacks (the town was dis-incorporated for nearly 43 years), Star remains an incorporated city in Ada County today. For more valuable information on Star’s history, see the City’s homepage here.

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