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A Brief Kuna History
From Cody’s Appliance Repair

Many great places have been borne of coincidence and ingenuity; Kuna, Idaho is one of them. Before it became a recognized city, the Kuna area was just the end of a railroad track that passed through Boise (Kuna is believed to mean “end of the line”). Entrepreneurial farmers thought to take advantage of the sparingly-used stopping point and began cultivating the land around it, and, in short time, a city was born.

Kuna considers itself the gateway city of the Western Heritage Historic Byway, which highlights many of the landmarks in Ada County. South of Kuna rests the Kuna Cave, an inconspicuous hole in the ground that leads to a cavern formed by lava. Though a bit claustrophobic, it’s a popular site for amateur spelunkers. Celebration Park, the only archeological park in all of Idaho, offers visitors a chance to view ancient petroglyphs left by America’s earliest settlers. Swan Falls Dam is a relic from the mining era, historically used to provide power for their operations, but now a scenic hiking path for tourists.

Much of the Historic Byway lies within the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which protects the many different kinds of raptors that call Idaho their home. The preserve draws tens of thousands of tourists every year to Kuna for the Snake River Birds of Prey Festival. During the festival, experienced birdwatchers give tours and share information about the local wildlife, while a number of other fun activities are used to promote awareness including movie nights and floating trips along Snake River. With so many unique sights, Kuna is favored spot for tourists visiting the Boise area.

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The natural beauty of the land and Kuna’s emphasis on community has turned it into one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Between 2000 and 2010 its population has almost tripled, and the county now ranks third in the nation for relocating retirees. With a simultaneous increase in both population and citizens with the resources to invest in their community, Kuna is ripe for an explosive increase quality of life to top the high standard it has already set.

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