Annual Appliance Maintenance Program
Yearly maintenance will prolong the life of your appliances and save you money on energy costs and costly repair bills

For $125 a year, we will provide the following services to ensure your safety and security year round:

Appliance Repair Maintenance Program

  • Inspect and clean main refrigerator condenser coils, if accessible** This service prolongs the life of the refrigerator, puts less stress on components, and lowers your electric bill.
  • Replace water filter on refrigerator, if present (filter cost, extra). Studies show after one-year’s use or upon manufacturer’s recommendation, chemicals and bacteria will leach back into the water out the door and ice cubes, which can affect your health.
  • Inspect your vent air flow  Dryer vent fires are the number-one source of home fires, affecting over 15,000 homes annually. Regular maintenance can save lives. Also, a clogged vent and/or blower housing can cause other component failures in the machine and shorten the life of the unit.
  • Inspect hoses on the washer for wear and run our specail cleaning agent through front-load washers. A burst hose can run unchecked and flood your home, causing thousands of dollars of damage. Front load cleaning agent prevents mildew and moldy smell as well as mineral buildup.
  • Inspect drain hoses and run our special cleaning agent through your dishwasher. Old drain hoses can cause flooding. Our cleaning agent will clear calcium buildup in the unit, if present, and make the unit look shiny and new!
  • Inspect your garbage disposal and run a cleaner through the unit. A garbage disposal can leak for months and you will never know it!

As an added bonus, any problems we diagnose or any other repair or maintenance work performed at your home at the time of service will be discounted 20% off of the regular labor price.

**Exclusions apply. Please call us for specific information about our appliance maintenance program.


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