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most popular samsung refrigerators

Top 5 Best Samsung Refrigerators

Everyone knows Samsung is leading the industry in cutting edge technology for appliances.  We’ve compiled a list of some of their best refrigerators, proving they are at the top of their market. Samsung has dedicated themselves to learning what consumers need and what will match their lifestyle. So without further delay – here are the top 5 best Samsung refrigerators.


Ultimate Guide to the Best Samsung Refrigerators


4-Door Flex™ Connected Touch Screen Family Hub™ Refrigerator

Model: RF28N9780SR/AA

You can find one of the best Samsung refrigerators with the 4-Door Flex. The Family Hub allows you to manage your life from anywhere in the kitchen with the Bixby voice assistant, while the Food Management system will streamline your time in the kitchen.  This intuitive refrigerator boasts features such as automatically assigning food expiration dates and nutritional information on the food you purchase, keeping everything healthy and fresh. You can sync family calendars, stream music, and share notes to keep everyone on track. The triple cooling system maintains proper temperature and humidity levels to keep food fresher longer. This futuristic refrigerator proudly claims the 2018 CES Best of Innovation Award Honoree.


4-Door French Door

Model: RF23M8590SG/AA

This 4-Door French Door Samsung refrigerator offers a sleek, built-in look with their counter depth design. Use the Family Hub to add items to your shopping list and see what’s inside the refrigerator by use of the built-in cameras. The innovative FlexZone Drawer can divide food into 4 separate temperatures, while the Dual cooling system prevents food spoilage and freezer burn. This flexible unit provides options with adjustable shelves, multiple temperature controls, auto water fill pitcher, and more.


4-Door French Door Chef Collection

Model:  RF23M8960MT/AA

This chef-inspired refrigerator is a beauty! With its sleek design and innovative technology, this is favorite from the Samsung Chef Collection. This refrigerator has the home chef at heart, keeping in mind the utmost in flexibility to cater to how you cook and live today. Features include a FlexZone drawer with four temperature options, a special coating to prevent fingerprints, an interior panel to maintain a consistent temperature and absorb odor, and even an internal water pitcher that allows you to create flavored water right from your refrigerator. Of course, this refrigerator is also Energy Star Certified to go easy on your utility bill.


3-Door French Door


If simplicity and function is your goal, don’t let the lower price-point on this unit fool you. This 26 cu. ft. refrigerator has focus and function in mind. With extra-large capacity, you’ll fit up to 26 bags of groceries inside, and everything will stay fresher longer with the Twin Cooling Plus feature ensuring your food tastes great. This unit has special Power Freeze and Power Cool options, easily dropping the temperature with the push of a button to get fast results on the fly.


Side-by-side Food Showcase Refrigerator

Model: RH29H9000SR/AA

There are so many great features on this refrigerator that it’s easy to understand why it ranks among the best Samsung refrigerators on the market. The external showcase allows easy access to frequently used items like drinks and condiments, while the internal showcase houses larger fresh food items, maintaining great organization for all your needs. The metal cooling maintains proper temperature preventing food spoilage so your food stays fresh. Freezer space is maximized by the in-door ice maker, leaving more room for frozen foods, while still storing up to 5.5 lbs. of ice.


All of these fabulous Samsung refrigerators will be easy on your utility bill with their Energy Star Certifications and efficiency. You’ll find yourself at ease in your kitchen with your only worry being what to make for dinner. If you’re in need of appliance service, call a Samsung repair technician.


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