best holiday meat recipes

The centerpiece of every traditional holiday meal is a perfect cut of meat. Choosing the right recipe can make the difference between dry, flavorless meat and juicy, tender meat. Here are some the top-rated turkey, ham, or prime rib recipes for your holiday celebration.

Top 3 Holiday Meat Recipes

juicy thanksgiving turkey recipe

This Juicy Holiday Turkey recipe has 372 5-Star Reviews on The recipe is for a 15 lb turkey, so you’ll need to adjust ingredients accordingly for a larger bird.

turkey brine alton brown

With 5,272 5-Star reviews, this is arguably one of the most popular Thanksgiving turkey recipes on the internet. Alton Brown’s turkey brine ensures your meat is juicy and cooked to perfection. Find the recipe here.

holiday glaze ham recipe

Not in the mood for turkey this holiday season? Try Paula Deen’s Old-Fashioned Holiday Glazed Ham. The recipe is easy to make and has 41 5-Star reviews.

Turkey Brine Instructions

If you decide to cook a turkey, we highly recommend using a brine. Here’s an informational video about the basics of brining by QVC.

Two More Delicious Meat Recipes

christmas baked ham

With a name like “Awesome Baked Ham,” you’re sure to cook a delicious piece of meat from this recipe. Want proof? 314 reviewers agree, this is a 5-Star ham recipe.

christmas prime rib

Although most American tables will feature turkey or ham during the holidays, prime rib can be an even better choice. This easy recipe can be made in less than 3 hours! Check out the recipe here.