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sub zero refrigerator reviews

Brand Spotlight: Sub-Zero Refrigerator Reviews 2019

For more than 70 years, Sub-Zero has been one of the industry’s top names in professional-grade refrigeration. Their dependable commercial units serve as inspiration for each year’s new batch of high-end residential refrigerators, and this year’s models do not disappoint. Our Sub-Zero refrigerator reviews cover new models for 2019.

Top Sub-Zero Refrigerator Reviews 2019

If you’ve never owned a Sub-Zero unit before, you may be wondering, are they really worth paying Sub-Zero refrigerator prices for? What is it that makes them so special?

We’ll go over the specifications and features for some of their most popular side-by-side, column, and French door models to help show you what luxury refrigeration is all about.

What Makes Sub-Zero Stand Out?

One look at a Sub-Zero unit is enough to let you know how beautiful they are. Other than good looks though, what is the difference between Sub-Zero and regular refrigerators?

For starters, all of their full-size models use independent dual refrigeration compressors. Having one compressor for the freezer and one for the fresh food section helps to maintain the perfect humidity level inside each compartment.

what is the difference between sub zero and regular refrigerators
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

All Sub-Zero models also use vacuum-sealing doors and an internal air purification system to help keep food fresher for significantly longer. This technology is already above-and-beyond most residential refrigerators, but each model also offers its own additional set of high-tech features.

Side-by-Side Highlights – Sub-Zero 36″ Classic

Today’s high-end home refrigeration market is all about options and customization. While some prefer a classic stainless steel exterior, others are more partial to a seamless “hidden” look.

The Sub-Zero Classic 36″ side-by-side delivers no matter your preference. This model is available in built-in, as well as integrated “panel-ready” configurations, and comes loaded with cutting-edge features.

Top Features

  • Temperature control Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fully-customizable integrated panels
  • Air-tight magnetic door seals
  • Extra-bright halogen interior lighting

Price: $9,015
Product Details

sub zero refrigerator reviews 2019
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

Column Refrigerator Highlights – 30″ Classic Over-and-Under

Not every kitchen has enough space to accommodate a larger built-in unit, which is why we’ve included this useful column configuration in our Sub-Zero refrigerator reviews.

At only 30″ in width, you can still have the same incredible Sub-Zero technology and refrigeration power in a much smaller space. And with a bottom-freezer and glass door for easy viewing, this is the ideal model when space is limited.

Top Features

  • Triple-pane, UV resistant glass door
  • Dual refrigeration for optimal humidity
  • NASA-inspired air purification system
  • High-humidity, sealed crisper & deli drawers

Price: $10,890 – $11,260
Product Details

sub zero refrigerator prices
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

Full-Size French Door Highlights – Sub-Zero Pro 48

For the ultimate in home refrigeration, look no further than the top-of-the-line Sub-Zero Pro 48. This is not only the largest refrigerator the brand offers but also the most jam-packed with features and options.

The French door configuration comes with four independent crisper and deli drawers, each offering numerous compartments and storage options. A glass door version of this model is also available, allowing you to make a grocery list at a glance.

Top Features

  • Available in freestanding, built-in, and integrated configurations
  • Temperature control within a single degree
  • Advanced water filtration & ice production system
  • Best-in-class internal storage space

Price: $17,965
Product Details

sub zero reviews
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

We hope our Sub-Zero refrigerator reviews help you decide if one of these great models is right for you. And for all of your Sub-Zero repair needs, be sure to call the local experts at Cody’s Appliance Repair today.

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