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Should I Self-Clean My Oven?

Many folks believe that with the self-clean feature, you turn it on and, viola, all sparkly clean inside. Unfortunately, that is just not quite how it works. There is prep work involved. You MUST clean it out, removing the crumbs and drips and such, or you will have a smoky house as a result. Your oven will also get up to some serious temperatures, which means that you will have a lot of heat coming off your unit, consequently heating up your house. Using your self-clean cycle can also cause some components to fail, due to the extreme temperatures (up to 800 degrees!) over an extended period of time.

We recommend that you don’t use your self-clean cycle. Instead, choose a self-clean oven safe degreaser (like Simple Green) to clean it instead.

If you are going to use this feature before the holidays, make sure to use this cycle weeks before the big day. Many folks wait until the day before Thanksgiving, then the unit blows and you are in a panic and we are slammed with lots of customers just like you! So make sure to use the cycle early in the season, prep the oven, remove the racks, and cross your fingers! So wait until the “Big Day” is over, then self-clean, if you wish. If it fails, no panic; you can have it repaired in plenty of time to bake your holiday cookies.

Our suggestion? Use a cookie sheet under foods that may bubble over. This will prevent excess food build-up, and make clean-up with a cloth and some cleaner much easier.

Now, if you did not heed my advice and have cleaned your oven the day before Thanksgiving and you have error messages or the door won’t open after the cycle is complete, do not try to force the latch! Get out your owner’s manual to see if they have steps to help you unlock your oven. If that doesn’t work, call a professional right away!

Happy cooking!

If you live In Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Start, Middleton, Garden City, Emmett, or Horse Shoe Bend, call us today or schedule service right on our website for repair of your self-clean oven or range.

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