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Summertime Efficiency Pointers

In the hot summer months, refrigerator and freezer failure is at an all-time high. These tips can save you money in so many ways!  You will prolong the overall life of your appliance, see fewer repair bills, and save on your utility bill every month

  • Are your condenser coils clean?  Clean the at least every year!

  • Is your refrigerator at the correct temperature setting to ensure it is cooling properly?  But cranking up a failing frig is not the answer.
  • Have you changed your refrigerator’s water filter so you have clean ice and water?  A clogged filter can stop water out the door and ice production.
  • Are your gaskets dirty?  Clean your gaskets with soap and water for optimal surface contact and seal.
  • Are you gaskets torn or smashed?  Replace them!  Torn or misshapen gaskets cause the unit to work twice as hard to cool, which can cause component failure, as well as a sky-high electric bill.
  • Keep it full.  Believe it or not, an empty refrigerator or freezer is not efficient. It has a hard time maintaining temperature and will stress your unit.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the air flow in the freezer compartment.  That bag of peas shoved in the back can cost you bucks!

If you have performed all of the routine maintenance tasks listed above and it is still not cooling correctly; if you see an ice ball inside the unit, the milk jug is sweating, or you have a “clean condenser” light on, give us a call, we can help!


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