An old (13 year old) microwave just stopped working. Cody could get me in the next day after I called. I knew that I could probably buy a new one for the cost of getting my old one repaired but I really did not want to go shopping during the holidays or read a new instruction manual. I was very happy to get my old one repaired.
Cody was very professional and thoroughly explained what was wrong (capacitor and fuse blown) and was careful to explain all costs associated with repair. And, he could quickly make those repairs! Cody asked if I needed help with any other home appliances and all I could think of to ask about was a problem my out-of-state mother-in-law was having with her 50 year old oven. Cody spent several minutes discussing with me what he thought my description of symptoms might indicate and gave me good advice I passed on to her.
Nina R. Boise, ID (Via Angie’s List) 12/21/10

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