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“Factory-Authorized Service.” What does it mean?

These days — and when I say, “these days,” I mean post economic meltdown — more people are out there vying for your business. It seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a wrench and a tiny bit of knowledge of appliances has hung out his shingle as an appliance service technician.

There are many sneaky ways that they try put out to the consumer that they are authorized to do factory service appliance repair. That leads the consumer to have more trust in the technician or company, as they believe they have been trained by that manufacturer to do their work. Not so!

The most important question when a company says that they are “factory trained” or
burglerfactory authorized,” is do they hold a CURRENT contract to do factory-authorized service for that brand. That is all that matters! Some fly-by-night companies have told customers that they are “factory service,” but when it turns out that there is a WARRANTY involved, they have to admit that they cannot do the work. The many have the nerve to charge a customer their service call before departing with their tail between their legs!

So when you call for service and you want the peace of mind that comes with a company that has been CURRENTLY trained and is CURRENTLY certified, meaning that they are under contract at that moment, you must ask those questions specifically with the scheduler. And if they do not answer you directly, hang up!

Now, as a caveat to this information, our company has been in business for more than 23 years, and we have CHOSEN to drop a contract with a manufacturer, on occasion. Usually the reasoning is as simple as they are unwilling to pay us enough to do their work for them and they can find a cheaper guy down the road. So, just because they are not currently factory-authorized service, they might be a fabulous company with fabulous technicians who will do right by you — as long as it is out of the warranty period. They will probably be very up front about this information.  AND THEY SHOULD BE! So check your manual before you call for service, so you know the exact age of the unit, and can prove it to the manufacturer. They will require a receipt or if you registered the unit, they will already have the purchase date on record.

So, not to confuse you more, the very BEST WAY to find a good service company is to look to your friends and family, the BBB or the local chamber of commerce for a referral. How long have they been in service? What is their BBB rating? What is your conversation like with their scheduler. ASK QUESTIONS!!! Lots and lots of questions, before you make a decision and you will have a positive experience with your repair.

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