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Idaho Mountain Search & Rescue

Idaho Mountain Search & Rescue

So, have you ever thought about what is going to happen if you ever get yourself into trouble?  I mean big trouble; the kind of trouble that can mean life or death?  I believe that it is just not something that we think much about. We think since we pay our taxes we have expectations that we will be saved or rescued, no matter what the situation, even if our search & rescue team will be putting themselves in harm’s way.

Recent events, combined with my friend’s new “hobby,” have brought these questions clearly into focus for me.  This whole rescue thing is a well-organized, highly-trained rescue machine.  And we are so very lucky to have Search and Rescue Teams willing to put their lives on the line to rescue complete strangers.

This weekend alone, in the Treasure Valley, we had a lost hiker and someone who had driven off the road leading to Bogus.  So the question is: Who looks for you? Who gets you out of the mess you have gotten yourself into?  For the Treasure Valley, it is the Idaho Mountain Search & Rescue, or IMSARV.

Thank You, Idaho Mountain Search & Rescue!

This amazing group of individuals and 4-legged companions volunteer their time and money to rigorously train as Search and Rescue Cody Appliance Repair Honors Search and Rescuespecialists. They train in many different types of rescue groups in order to bring you home safely.

Fall off a cliff?  The high-angle rescue group is going to come for you.  Lose your way in the Sawtooths?  You are going to have amazing trackers out searching for you, and highly trained canines looking for your scent.  Buried by an avalanche? Yep, dogs and rescue workers specially trained are going in to get you out of there. And if you’re not so lucky to survive, they are still going to get you out and to your loved ones. Earthquake rescue, avalanche rescue, high-angle rescue are just some of the sub-specialties that they train in.  They train hard and must be certified to participate in these life-saving missions.

These heroes leap out of bed at 3:00 in the morning to help you. They drive for hours to get to where you were last seen or where you are located. They hike in, ski in, fly in, ride in, to find you, to help you. How amazing is that? I sleep better just knowing that someone cares enough to get me out of whatever mess I get myself into.

Check out their website www.imsaru.org for more information.

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