Cleaned the horribly dirty refrigerator coils, adjusted temp controls for freezer and ‘fridge and trained me how to properly adjust controls, explained how to keep the ice-maker optimally functional.

Randy was very punctual and I didn’t have to take any time off work in the middle of the day except my lunch hour (thank you!). I have an OLD General Electric ‘fridge which was barely functioning at all. Instead of buying a new one I decided to get an opinion on how much “life” is left in this one. I felt really dumb for never cleaning the coils (I know better), but Randy did that and then proceeded to look the whole ‘fridge over, explaining what I needed to do to get optimum performance out of the oldie-but-goodie.

He performed the “most simple fixes”, but did tell me that if his intervention didn’t continue to work, what I should ask for when calling again. Fortunately, my ‘fridge is working just fine now. I really appreciated that he didn’t try to sell me more than what was immediately needed. I also appreciated the time he took to “educate me”, without making me feel like a schmuck. My ‘fridge has been running great since then at exactly the desirable temperatures. Now I have time to save up & pay cash for the future new ‘fridge.

Jeanne G. Meridian, ID (Via Angie’s List) 4/6/10

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