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remove pet hair from laundry

How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes and Bedding

Though we may love the comforting cuddles of furry friends, few things are more frustrating than removing pet hair from blankets and clothes. We’ll review how to remove pet hair from clothes with some pretreating tricks and step-by-step washing tips to prevent washer repairs.

Wondering How to Remove Pet Hair From Clothes? Try These Tips

Knowing how to remove pet hair from clothes and blankets not only keeps laundry clean and fresh, but can potentially save your washer from needing repairs. Before we discuss how to wash clothes with dog hair and cat fur, we’ll go over how pet hair impacts a washer. We’ll also detail how to effectively remove pet hair before washing to avoid malfunctions.

Will Pet Hair Ruin My Washing Machine?

No, pet hair won’t destroy your washer, but it can lead to complications. When clothes and bedding are covered in pet hair, not all of it can be washed away in a rinse cycle. Clumps of wet dog or cat fur can stick to the inside of the washer drum and washer filter, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

A filter clogged with pet hair could also enable some of these clumps to reach the machine’s drain pump, causing a blockage. If a blocked pump isn’t diagnosed and corrected, it could keep water from draining properly, resulting in leaks and possible pump failure.

How to Remove Pet Hair from Washing Machines

So, how to get rid of dog hair in the washing machine to avoid these outcomes? The best washing machine for pet hair will have a cleaning cycle you can run after washing clothes and bedding with pet fur. When the cycle is complete, wipe down the washer drum to remove any remaining dog or cat fur. Here’s how to remove pet hair from the washer filter and drain pump:

  • Washer filter: if your washer has a filter, it’s typically along the drum’s top rim or in the center of a top loader’s agitator. If the filter is removable, soak it in hot soapy water for ten minutes. If it’s not removable, remove lint and pet hair with a paper towel or brush.
  • Drain pump: for front load washers, the pump is located behind a small door at the base of the washer. Open the door and use a paper towel to remove any accumulated lint or pet hair. The drain pump for top loaders is usually behind the machine and may require you to remove its outer cover to access it.

how to remove pet hair from clothes

Remove All the Hair You Can Before Washing

The best way to remove pet hair from the laundry is to get rid of as much hair as possible before washing it. The most effective pet hair remover is a lint roller or piece of tape. However, these hair removal tricks can also remove pet fur without clogging your washer:

  • Run clothes through a 10-minute dryer cycle to loosen pet hair, shaking them out when the cycle is complete. Make sure you clean out the dryer’s lint filter to remove any accumulated hair.
  • Use static electricity to remove hair by including a dryer sheet in the drying cycle. Do wool dryer balls remove pet hair? Yes, they can create static electricity that also helps pull pet hair from fabric. They also help prevent clumps when washing heavy bedding.

How to Wash Clothes with Pet Hair

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Sometimes washing clothes with pet hair is unavoidable. In that case, here’s how to remove pet hair from clothes and blankets safely and effectively:

  1. Load clothes and blankets into the washer. Avoid overcrowding so pet hair can easily escape down the drain.
  2. Add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of fabric softener or ½ cup white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser. This will soften fabric, loosening pet fur.
  3. Run a regular wash cycle to completion.
  4. After washing, run an extra rinse cycle with an empty machine to free the washer of any lingering pet hair.
  5. Place items in the dryer with a dryer sheet or dryer balls. Pause the drying cycle halfway through to remove any accumulated pet hair in the lint trap.

While knowing how to remove pet hair from clothes can help avoid washer damage, sometimes malfunctions are inevitable. For the best washing machine repair service in Boise, call Cody’s Appliance Repair

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