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How Often Do I Need to Service My HVAC

How Often Do I Need to Service My HVAC?

With global temperatures rising annually, the importance of a well-maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is greater than ever, especially as the summer months begin to set in. The Energy Information Association reports that 31% of the electricity consumed by American households in 2001 went to HVAC systems. Rising energy costs have not curbed the production of HVAC systems in the slightest, with many homes currently employing outdated, inefficient, or otherwise malfunctioning air conditioning systems. It is projected that over 55% of US households currently have some kind of HVAC system, a number that escalates every year as commercial and suburban development rises.

Replace HVAC Filters


Consider a Routine HVAC Maintenance Program

Regular maintenance is the best way to increase the lifespan of an HVAC unit. The industry standard recommends qualified maintenance to your HVAC system semi-annually, with staggered maintenance for your A/C and heating systems in the Spring and Fall, respectively. A great way to ensure your HVAC receives the service it needs is to join a HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program through a qualified company. Cody’s, for instance, offers a HVAC maintenance program that includes semi-annual maintenance of your unit (plus, we give you priority scheduling if your unit fails).

Some common HVAC concerns that can negatively impact the overall efficiency of your unit include:

  • Ventilation Blockages

  • Malfunctioning Thermometers

  • Odors

  • Strange Noises

  • Clogged Filters

  • Dirty Filters
  • Circuit Breaker Tripping

  • Intermittent Functionality Loss

  • Incessant Operation

  • Fluid Leaks

  • Frozen Components

  • Abnormally High Energy Cost

Property owners experiencing any of these problems are advised to seek service as soon as possible, as they may escalate to severe HVAC failure which can be a costly, time consuming expense.

On another note, owners of aging HVAC systems should begin to inquire about unit replacement as the US Environmental Protection Agency has issued a transitional ban on a common refrigerant known as HCFC-22, or R-22, which is found in many older air conditioning systems. This refrigerant contributes to ozone depletion and is highly inefficient compared to recent technological advances. R-22 consumption is to be reduced to 90% below the US baseline by 2015, and will be almost entirely banned by 2020. At that time, chemical manufacturers will no longer be allowed to produce R-22 and it will only be available from recycled sources until it is completely phased out of every American building.

To learn more about the HVAC services provided by Cody’s Appliance Repair, please call us today at (208) 938-1066.

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