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mccall winter carnival

Guide to Enjoying the McCall Winter Carnival

winter carnival

The McCall Idaho Winter Carnival is in full swing, and if you’ve lived in Idaho for any length of time you know how enjoyable it can be. Families come from all over Idaho to take part in this fun event. The Winter Carnival is full of activities for all ages to participate in, and the whole city gets in on the action with local shows, snow tubing, special events at local restaurants, and the city-wide snow carving competition.

This year the McCall Winter Carnival holds special appeal because of the inversion that hit most of Idaho south of McCall. This weird weather has kept Boise and its surrounding cities from having any visible sunshine, and has made the whole city a dreary place to be for time being. So if you’re from Boise and you’re itching to see the sun once again, what could be better than packing up the family and checking out the McCall Winter Carnival?

Many would say the most notable event at the McCall Winter Carnival would be the Snow Carving Competition, where you can see snow sculptures that are roughly the size of your car, and some even larger! We have found a helpful map to get you to all the best carvings in town. This map will even show you all the winners of the competition, so you can see which snow sculptures were voted the best. Click Here to Check out the map and guide. 

If you’re looking for some more mature fun, the McCall Golf Club is doing a Wine Tasting and Art Auction. So you can enjoy some moments of class, and sophistication, in the midst of the fun and wackiness of the winter carnival. Of course not wanting to be limited to just mature fun, McCall Golf Course is doing something the kids and adults will both enjoy called “snowshoe golf”. Now this is not exactly traditional golf, seeing as it’s played on top of 4 feet of snow and with a tennis ball instead of a golf ball. But if you have been greatly missing golf this winter, snow golf can be quite a fun activity to hold you over until the traditional golf season returns.

More fun to be had in McCall is found at the many unique lodges. These lodges not only make amazing vacations spots while enjoying the Winter Carnival, they are hosts to a few of their own Winter Carnival events as well. The Holiday Inn Lodge is doing a fun family Bingo Night, the Bear Creek Lodge is doing a snowmobile fun run, the Shore Lodge is doing a chocolate and spirits night, and many other lodges are holding other fun events. Click Here to go to the Carnival Site for more details.

This is just a small taste of the fun and activities the McCall Winter Carnival has to offer! So whether driving 2 hours from Boise or whether you live in McCall, we can confidently say that you will be happy you checked out the McCall Winter Carnival!

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