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electrolux dishwasher error codes

Common Electrolux Dishwasher Error Codes & How to Fix Them

Electrolux makes some of the most advanced dishwashers on the market today. They’ll even let you know when something is wrong by displaying one or more Electrolux dishwasher error codes. You may be wondering what these codes mean and how to address the problem. You’re in the right place, then.

Electrolux Dishwasher Error Codes

It’s helpful that Electrolux dishwasher error codes exist to point you in the right direction when something breaks. The only problem is deciphering what each combination of letters and numbers actually means. Let’s take a closer look at a handful of the most common codes.

electrolux dishwasher error codes

Error Code #iC0

One of the most common error codes our customers come across is the iC0 code, which can also appear as iCo, iC1, iC2, or iC3. This affects freestanding and integrated Electrolux dishwashers, and it indicates a potential problem with the main control board.

What Causes It?
The iC0 code references a communication error between the control board and the rest of the dishwasher. This will prevent you from starting a load in the dishwasher.

How To Fix It
This code often comes up in error, so try unplugging your dishwasher for 10 seconds, then plug it back and try to run a cycle. It the code returns, you’ll need to replace the main control.

Error Code #20

This code may come up as 20, or i20, but they both reference an issue with the drain system.

What Causes It?
If there’s a blockage in your dishwasher’s drain line, or if your unit’s drain pump is clogged, this can trigger an i20 error code.

How To Fix It
This may also be due to a communications error, so unplug the dishwasher and then plug it back in. If the code is still there, inspect the drain line, drain pump, or pressure switch and clean or replace parts as needed.

electrolux dishwasher door locked

Error Code #30

Like the previous section, Electrolux dishwasher error codes for this issue can appear as either 30 or i30, and they reference a leaking issue.

What Causes It?
This code is triggered by the dishwasher’s leak detection system. Unfortunately, the leak can be coming from multiple areas, so you’ll have to investigate.

How To Fix It
Start by inspecting the drain pump for clogs or blockages. Turn the impeller with your hand to make sure it’s working. You should also inspect the water fill valve for potential leaks. Clean or replace defective parts if necessary.

Error Code #LOC

The LOC or loc code represents a dishwasher door lock error.

What Causes It?
If your Electrolux dishwasher door locked and won’t open, this code will appear. You won’t be able to run a cycle without unlocking the door.

How To Fix It
Press and hold the AIR DRY button
 on the control panel for at least 3 seconds while the door is latched. This should unlock the door or activate the control panel for use again.

Error Code #Er-03

If your dishwasher’s wash motor is malfunctioning, this code will appear.

What Causes It?
The only way this code will come up is if the wash motor has failed or is being obstructed during operation.

How To Fix It
Inspect the wash motor wiring and the motor itself. Remove any blockages, but if everything looks ok, replace the wash motor.

Knowing what Electrolux dishwasher error codes mean is helpful, but you may need to schedule service with a professional. If so, just call the experts at Cody’s Appliance Repair today for the area’s most dependable service.

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