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Buying a New Dishwasher

Has your dishwasher finally given up the ghost and it’s time to go shopping?  Are you thinking about buying a new dishwasher? So what to buy?

With all due respect to the hard-working salespeople in the stores, often they are on commission/or receive spiffs (read: incentives to sell their products).  So how can you trust that they have even see the brand they are trying to sell you in action?  Salespeople pretty much go by the info sheet provided by the manufacturer or information the rep has given about what an outstanding product it is!  You believe it and you bring it home and it is just not what you expected.  Not what you want when you have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, buying a new dishwasher.

Dishwasher Repair

There are literally hundreds of models out there to choose from.  I have been in the repair business for 23 years, so I have a unique perspective about what to buy.

My first recommendation when buying a new dishwasher:  When buying a new dishwasher, buy the best you can afford. Time and again I hear from clients, “Oh, I can pick up a new one for around $250.”  Yes.  Yes, you can.  But you are NOT going to be happy with what you have bought.  It will not clean as well, as it probably does not have an upper spray arm, and it will be a lot noisier than an upper-end model.

My second recommendation when buying a new dishwasher:  The interior layout DOES matter.  Each brand and sometimes models within a brand, have distinctively different layouts for loading your dishes and flatware.  It will drive you absolutely crazy if your silverware rack is not where it is convenient for you or your plates load on the top instead of the bottom as you were used to.  Seems like a minor detail, but it can become a big issue.

My third recommendation when buying a new dishwasher:  Make sure you can wash the kind of loads you wish to.  Some people like to wash their large platters or fine china.  That is just fine as long as the model you choose has an adjustable top rack to make room for the platters and you have a delicate cycle, so you don’t harm great-grandma’s china.  See where I am going with this?

Things to consider when buying a new dishwasher:

  • Quietness
  • Interior layout
  • Upper rack spray arm
  • Can you attach a panel or change exterior color
  • Types of cycles available
  • Type of warranty from the manufacture
  • How long it cycles (in minutes)
  • Does it heat its own water
  • How Green is it?  Water usage
  • Hot water dry cycle or heating element
  • Made in the USA

And remember, when you do buy, think carefully before signing on the dotted line for that extended warranty!  Up to half of the purchase price for that contract goes to the salesman or store and statistically 90% of extended warranty contract holders never use them!  Not such a great deal after all!

MY PICK FOR THE PERFECT DISHWASHER:  Bosch.  German company but made in the USA (no off-shore conversations when you need customer service), super quiet, tons of options and features, and repair parts are readily available, and you can add a decorative panel.  Fisher & Paykel:  Australian company, made in the USA.  Dish drawer options.  Quiet, can add decorative panels, great customer service and manufacturer warranty.

For your repair needs, though, ALWAYS use a well-established company with strong reviews with the BBB.  Social media can be easily manipulated, but the BBB vets their reviews is they are negative to ensure you are getting the straight scoop.

Also, make sure they are  background, drug and alcohol checked, properly trained and insured for your safety and peace of mind.

So when buying a new dishwasher, first make sure you really DO need a new dishwasher, and if you decide it is time, call your repairman; he will help you choose your next brand.

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