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Alarming statistics Who can you trust?


Over 11% of service technicians (plumbers, appliance repairmen, window washers, carpet cleaners, etc) have background discrepancies that could place a homeowner at risk!

Within that group, 75% have suspended or revoked drivers licenses, 25% have CRIMINAL RECORDS of which half involve sex offender-related crimes. 90% of of independent servicers do not carry general liability insurance. 31% have no auto insurance! 57% do not carry worker’s comp insurance. These discrepancies can be bad news if you have an issue with their work or your own safety and security!  Folks, when you choose the $45 flat rate guy and invite him to your home to do work, BEWARE! Sometimes you just, flat-out, get what you pay for!

You have a ton of resources at your fingertips!  Use the BBB or your local chamber of commerce for references and certainly check out consumer feedback online.  BBB, AngiesList, Google+, is a great place to start.  You can always discount the rants of a couple of crazies out there, but if their general feedback is positive, you’re good to go. Do be careful of rating sites like Yelp, though.  Many wonderful, glowing reviews are “hidden” or “filtered” if the reviewer is not a Yelper, so you might not get the full view of this business.  Also, the recommendation of a friend or two or another local business you DO KNOW is always reliable.

Make sure they are properly licensed, insured, background and drug tested, for your safety and security.  Remember, they are in your home around your family and treasures.  Never assume that that guy is who he represents himself to be.

If they say they are “Factory Trained” or “Factory Certified,” what does that mean? Did they watch a couple of YouTubes or did they ACTUALLY train in live training with the manufacturer.  Be sure to find out BEFORE you schedule.

Choose a well-established company with a track record in the community.  They will be there tomorrow and will most likely vet their employees.  If they are a one-man shop who just rolled into town, do you want to be the test case??  Just because they are good at online marketing does not make them a good repair company.

Be aware, often proper insurance, background checks, authorized service, all comes at a cost to the company.  They simply can’t compete with the $45 guy!  But YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! You can get a haircut from the hair school or you can go to a salon and get a top-notch cut.  Hey, you got a haircut, right?  But there IS  difference, I assure you.

So in the end, you need people to come into your home for service.  Just be aware, be advised, and all will be well!  There are so many fabulous companies out there who want a long-term relationship with you, the client.  Just be choosy, be picky, and you will have a great experience.

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