No one wants wrinkled clothes, but few want to stand over an ironing board either. So, the question is how to get stubborn wrinkles out of clothes without resorting to ironing? Our tips and tricks for how to unwrinkle clothes without an iron get you off the hook. By using a dryer, shower, or even a flat iron, you can keep the ironing board in the closet.

Here’s How to Unwrinkle Clothes Without an Iron

Did you know that the best way to remove wrinkles from clothes could include items most of us have at home? With a few pointers, you can learn how to unwrinkle clothes without an iron using everyday items.

#1. Remove Wrinkles with a Dryer

Heat works to remove wrinkles by loosening fabric fibers, allowing the wrinkles to fall away. The heat from the dryer can be an easy way to loosen wrinkles out of most clothing within 15 minutes. However, when paired with steam, the dryer is even more adept at wrinkle removal. These methods can unwrinkle clothes effectively using a combination of dryer heat and steam:

  • Place several ice cubes in the dryer with wrinkled garment for 15 minutes. The steam from the melting cubes will help release wrinkles.
  • For steam drying thinner clothing, place a damp sock in the dryer for 15 minutes.
  • To steam dry thicker items, place a damp towel in the dryer for 15 minutes.
  • When time is a factor, mist wrinkled garment with water and set dryer for 10 minutes.
how to unwrinkle clothes without an iron

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#2. Shower Steam Iron Clothes

Steam alone works to remove wrinkles by loosening fabric fibers, allowing creases to open. A shower can be the perfect steam delivery system as most showers are in a small, enclosed space that effectively traps steam. While shower steaming isn’t the most effective method, it will help when other methods are unavailable and you’re short on time. Here’s how to remove wrinkles quickly with shower steam:

  1. Turn the shower on, using hot water
  2. Hang wrinkled clothing on a hanger and close the bathroom door
  3. Leave the shower running with the door closed for 10 minutes to reduce wrinkles

#3. Use a Flat Iron for Clothes

A flat iron straightens hair by applying heat and pressure, just a clothes iron does for clothing. When you’re short on time a flat iron can apply these same properties to clothes, specifically small areas like shirt collars and hems. Follow these steps for how to unwrinkle a shirt at work in minutes using a flat iron:

  1. Make sure the flat iron is clean and free of hair care products
  2. Plug in the flat iron and select the proper heat setting, using a higher setting for cottons and a lower one for silks.
  3. Holding the garment taut, quickly run a small area between the flat iron’s tongs to smooth wrinkles
how to get stubborn wrinkles out of clothes

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#4. Flatten Clothing

Wondering how to unwrinkle clothes without an iron, steam, or heat? In a pinch, applying pressure to dampened clothing can smooth out wrinkles even without heat.

  1. Position wrinkled garment on a flat surface
  2. Place a damp towel on top of the garment
  3. Press down on the towel and smooth it out with your hands or a heavy book
  4. Repeat as needed until wrinkles are lessened

Whether you want to avoid ironing altogether or need a backup method, knowing how to unwrinkle clothes without ironing can come in handy. Cody’s Appliance Repair is just as handy when you need a reliable washer and dryer service. Call us for any and all repairs!