How Does My Traeger Grill Work?

June 1, 2012

Some of the best meals I have ever made came off my Traeger grill. If you are a passionate griller or just curious about the brand, I would tell you from experience, they are worth a look.  I think of it was my “Set it and forget it” of the grilling world.

I, personally, have two.  Sounds crazy, right? We invested (and invested is a good word, as they can be spendy) in our first Traeger, and we were so amazed and, frankly, hooked on it, we bought another for our cabin. Got to tell you, there is nothing like that aromatic smoke wafting amongst the pine trees.

Our company does repairs and maintenance on the Traeger brand, so I can wholeheartedly tell you that they are a great company to work for, which is why I am including their link so you can pop on to see all about how your Traeger works.

As a woman (even though I am “in the business” I really don’t care about how it works; I just want it to work, thank you) there may come a time that you need to understand the inner workings of these bad boys to determine if you need the help of a service professional.

The biggest service complaint I see is is that the pellets are not igniting to create the smoke you need.  There is an igniter rod that heats up after the auger dumps the pellets in.  Pretty simple stuff.  But when it’s not working as it should, total frustration!  Frankly, there is so much for you to know, I am going to let Traeger do the telling.  Check out for all the info you might need to keep that Traeger working as it should.  This site is also choc full of useful information such as recipes, a place to register your Traeger, or to look for dealers.

Happy smoking!


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